JAMCO Properties, Inc. Terms and Conditions:

Disclosure:  It is our company policy to abide by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which means that we must verify all applicants’ identities before proceeding to run a credit report.  In addition, our policy is to submit all identification, banking statements and application fees in person prior to credit and background screening and to have all parties present for the execution of the lease agreement.


Background Authorization and Consent: I authorize JAMCO Properties, Inc. to obtain the information described in my residency application for the purpose of evaluating my application for residency. The information required in my residency application is for the sole purpose of conducting a background investigation which may include credit history, civil and criminal information, records of arrest, rental history, salary details, vehicle records, licensing records, and any other necessary information.  Information regarding date of birth is requested for the sole purpose of gathering the above information accurately, as it is required by law enforcement agencies for positive identification purposes when checking public records, and it will not be used in violation of any law. I hereby release JAMCO Properties, Inc., and any other procurer or furnisher of the information, from liability whatsoever in the use, procurement, or furnishing of such information, and understanding that my application information may be provided to various local, state and/or federal government agencies, including without limitation, various law enforcement agencies. I hereby state the information given by me in my residency application is true.  I agree that if any information is found to be false or incomplete in any respect, I will be subject to rejection of my application or termination of my residency benefits. I give permission for an investigation to be conducted now or at any time during my residency.


I agree to be screened after payment of application fees. If I cancel this application after 72 hours or refuse to occupy the premises on the agreed upon date, then I acknowledge, understand and agree that the Non-Refundable Pet Fee will be refunded, Non-Refundable Leasing Fee and Security Deposit will not be refunded. Application Fees are Non-Refundable regardless of approval status. THIS APPLICATION IS NOT A LEASE AGREEMENT.